Caroline White-Nockleby
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Caroline White-Nockleby

Caroline is interested in how efforts to address global environmental changes articulate and enact conceptions of time and space. She is compelled, particularly, by how discursive and material renewable energy infrastructures and their extractive footprints - might be shaped by, and effect, distinct frameworks of power at multiple scales. In the MIT HASTS program, her research concerns how climate change and developments in computing technologies are shifting the discourses and materialities of mining. Most recently, she has been learning about the intertwined histories of remote sensing and resource extraction in the central Andes. Her research is situated at the intersection of STS, Anthropology, and History and draws on her prior background in the Geosciences.

Caroline is also committed to thinking deeply about how theoretical interventions might be informed by, and oriented towards, grassroots efforts. She has worked on environmental justice advocacy and research in the Northeast U.S. and the Andes region of Latin America, and continues to be involved in community-oriented projects at MIT and elsewhere.

Caroline received a B.A. in Geosciences and American Studies from Williams College and an M.Phil in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge.

Key words

STS; extraction; resilience; sustainability; temporality; infrastructures; remote sensing; United States; Andes



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