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benjamin wilson

Benjamin Wilson is a MacArthur Nuclear Security Predoctoral Fellow at Stanford University's Center for International Security and Cooperation for 2013-14. He is writing a dissertation on the history of the community of nuclear arms control experts in the United States during the Cold War. The dissertation examines the evolving relationships between arms control intellectuals, the state, and the wider nuclear disarmament movement in a variety of settings--university-based research and defense consulting, Congressional advising, and within private foundations and specialized non-governmental arms control organizations. Benjamin is especially fascinated by arms control's emergence as a distinct field of interdisciplinary expertise, bridging the physical and social sciences, and domestic and international politics.

Benjamin's work has centered on the history of the modern physical sciences in the Cold War. Some of his recent writing has explored connections between ballistic missile defense and basic research in general relativity and solid-state physics. He holds master's degrees in physics from Yale University and the University of Toronto, and a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Saskatchewan.

Key words

nuclear history; history of science; U.S. political history; Cold War history



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