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Ankur Gupta
Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering, MIT
77 Massachusetts Avenue, E18-508
Cambridge, MA 02139-4703


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi, (2012)

Research Summary:
Investigating the application of nanoemulsion in Enhanced Oil Recovery

Work Experience:
• Research Assistant, Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Delhi (2012)
• Teaching Assistant, Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Delhi (2012)
• Technology Division, Haldor Topsoe, Lyngby, Denmark (2011)
• Teacher and Counselor, Vidyamandir Classes Pvt. Ltd, Delhi (2008-2011)

Publications and Presentations:
Gupta, A., and Roy, S. (2012). Euler-Euler Simulation of Bubbly Flow in a Rectangular Bubble Column: Experimental Validation with Radioactive Particle Tracking. Chemical Engineering Journal.
Gupta, A. and Singh, S.N. (2013). Performance Evaluation of a New Static Mixer, submitted.
Gupta, A. and Roy, S., 2012. Euler-Euler Simulations of Bubble Flow with Quadrature Method of Moments: Experimental Validation. Oral presentation at International Symposium of Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE) 22, 2012.
Gupta, A. and Roy, S., 2011. Modeling of flow in rectangular bubble columns using Euler-Euler CFD and Quadrature Method of Moments (QMOM): Experimental validation. Oral Presentation at National Chemical Engineering Conference, CHEMCON 2011.

Singh, S.N., and Gupta, A., (2013). Design of a new static mixer based on swirl, Provisional Indian Patent





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