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David Dressler

David Dressler
Post-doctoral Associate

Phone: (617)-253-6585

Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, Bar-Ilan university, Israel, 2008
M.Sc. in in Materials Chemistry, Bar-Ilan university, Israel, 2005
B.Sc. in Medicinal Chemistry, Bar-Ilan university, Israel, 2002

Title of Doctoral Dissertation: “Enantioselective Crystallization on Chiral Surfaces and chiral detection in the solid phase" (Supervisor Prof. Yitzhak Mastai)

Research experience: Surface Chemistry, Chiral Self Assembled Monolayers, Crystallization, Polymorphism, Chirality, Organic Synthesis.

Characterization Methods: NMR, FT-IR, micro-Raman, DSC, Polarimetry, Circular Dichroism, Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy, UV, Atomic Force Microscopy, XPS, Contact Angle, Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Photo acoustic spectroscopy, Scanning tunneling microscopy.


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  10. Baruch E., Dressler D.H., Mastai Y.,  "Morphological effects of Aspartic acid on Chiral Surfaces"  in progress.
  11. Dressler D.H., Hod I., Mastai Y., "Self assembled Monolayers as Templates for β-Glycine Crystallization" in progress.

Non-refereed publications
1) Elinor Richards "A close Look at Chirality", Chemical Technology, 08 February 2007, highlighting of my  research on polarized near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) for chirality of nanoscopic surfaces
2) "Chirality Detection on Nanoscopic Surfaces", 24 January 2007, Hot article, Chemical Communications

Oral presentations:
1. "Controlling polymorphism by crystallization on self-assembled multilayers"- The 15th International conference on crystal growth-, Salt Lake city, Utah, U.S.A, August 2007 (ICCG-15).

2. "Stabilization of α-L-glutamic acid on chiral thin films-a theoretical and experimental study" - Minerva symposium on nano-, macro-, and supra-molecular materials and phenomena, Kibutz Hafetz Haim, Israel, Sep 18-19, 2007

3. "Polarized Near field Scanning Optical Microscopy – A Novel Method for Chirality Measurements on surfaces" 26th Israel Vacuum society annual conference and technical workshop-October 11th, 2007

4. "Chiral surfaces preparation characterization and applications"
Max planck institute of colloids and interfaces, March 11th, 2008
Haran group, chemical physics, Faculty of Chemistry, Weizmann institute of science, May 19th, 2008. ESRF, Grenoble, France, July 7th, 2008

5. " Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of Aromatic compounds on silver nanoclusters" 1st Conference of Chemistry Students in President's Doctoral Fellowships of Excellence Program, Bar Ilan University, September 23rd, 2008


1. Prof. Michael Rosenbluh and Yafit Fleger- Physics Department, Bar Ilan university Collaboration on surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of aromatic molecules and peptides

2. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Niessner & Dr. Christoph Haisch- Institute of Hydrochemistry Chair for Analytical chemistry, Technical University of Munich Collaboration on photoacoustic spectroscopy of  chiral crystals and surfaces

3. Dr. Ettore Castiglioni- Jasco- Europe,Cremella & University of Brescia, Brescia, ItalyCollaboration on   adsorption of peptides on surfaces by circular dichroism measurements
4. Prof. Aaron Lewis- Department of Applied Physics, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – collaboration on polarized near field scanning optical microscopy of chiral crystals and surfaces

5. Prof. Abraham Shanzer and Miri Shoshan-Department of organic chemistry, Weizmann Institute of science, Rehovot –collaboration on Raman of porphyrins

6. Prof. Arie Zaban and Asher Landau-Chemistry department, Bar Ilan university- collaboration on polarized near field scanning optical microscopy of chiral crystals and surfaces

7. Prof. Issai Shlimak and Shai Levy-Physics department, Bar Ilan university-collboration on Raman of Si:Ge semiconductors





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