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Elke Scholten

Elke Scholten
Post-doctoral Associate


BSc in Organic Chemistry, Polytechnic College, Ettenleur, The Netherlands    (1997)
MSc in Physical Chemistry, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2001)
PhD. In Food Physics, Food Science, Wageningen University and Research    Centre, Wageningen, The Netherlands (2006)

Work experience:
Post-doctorate Associate in Chemical Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA. (2006-2008)

Research Summary:
Co-Processing of API and Excipients using electrospraying and electrospinning

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Articles in the news:
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What’s Cookin’: Science is in the Kitchen and the results are good for our taste buds, Science News, March 2008.

Study of Ouzo-effect may lead to design of improved drugs, cosmetics, ScienceDaily, ACS Weekly Press, Februari, 2008.

Claryfying the Ouzo-effect, The Alchemist Newsletter, March 2008.

Absinthe’s workings still unclear, The Washington Post, March 2008.

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