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Jens Bolle

Huimeng Wu
Post-doctoral Fellow


Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, University of Florida (UF), Gainesville, Florida, 12/2008
M.S. in Physical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS), China       07/2003 
B.S. in Polymer Science and Engineering, FuDan University, Shanghai, China07/1999


  • Design and synthesis of magnetic, semiconducting, metal, metal oxide and multicomponent nanoparticles with controllable size, shape and structures (such as core-shell and Janus structures).
  • Control of well-defined thin films with tailored functionalities from nanoparticles, block copolymer to hybrid complex systems and manipulation of the collective properties of such materials.


  • R&D 100 award, 2010 for “Multifunctional Optical Coating by rapid Self-assembly”.
  • Lockhart Dissertation Fellowship, UF, 2008.
  • Young Emerging Scholars Award, UF, 2008.
  • Bates and Laitinen Fellowship, 2008.
  • First place in PERC Industrial Advisory Board Meeting, poster award, UF 2007.
  • Procter & Gamble Awards, UF 2007.


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