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Keith Chadwick
Post-doctoral Associate


University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Sep 2004 – Sep 2007.
PhD in Chemical Engineering.
Thesis title: Nucleation and Phase Relationships for Co-crystals.

U.M.I.S.T, United Kingdom. Sep 2001 – June 2004
BSc (Hons) in Chemistry

Work Experience:
University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Nov 2007 – Jan 2009.
Postdoctoral Associate in the Davey group, Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences.

Research Interests:
Crystal Engineering: The use of hydrogen bonding and other intermolecular interactions in the formation of co-crystals.

Nucleation Studies of Co-crystals: The use of spectroscopic techniques such as infrared, Raman and NMR to understand molecular speciation and nucleation mechanisms for co-crystals in binary and ternary systems.

Thermodynamics of Co-crystallisation: Construction and analysis of binary and ternary phase diagrams for co-crystals.

Heterogeneous Nucleation: Effect of crystalline surfaces on the nucleation of small, organic molecules.


Solubility, metastable zone width measurement and crystal growth of the 1:1
benzoic acid/isonicotinamide cocrystal in solutions of variable stoichiometry
Boyd, Sarah; Back, Kevin; Chadwick, Keith; Davey, Roger J.; Seaton, Colin C.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2010), 99(9), 3779-3786.

Designing Acid/Acid Co-Crystals through the Application of Hammett
Substituent Constants
. Seaton, Colin C.; Chadwick, Keith; Sadiq, Ghazala; Guo, Kun; Davey, Roger J. Crystal Growth & Design (2010), 10(2), 726-733.

Crystallization from Water-in-Oil Emulsions As a Route to Spherical
Particulates: Glycine and the Hydrochloride Salts of Glutamic Acid and
Chadwick, K.; Davey, R. J.; Mughal, R.; Marziano, I.
From Organic Process Research & Development (2009), 13(6), 1284-1290

The utility of a ternary phase diagram in the discovery of new co-crystal forms
; Chadwick, Keith; Davey, Roger; Sadiq, Ghazala; Cross, Wendy; Pritchard, Robin; CrystEngComm (2009), 11(3), 412-414.

Designing Acid Acid Co-Crystals - The Use of Hammett Substitution Constants;Chadwick, Keith; Sadiq, Ghazala; Davey, Roger J.; Seaton, Colin C.; Pritchard, Robin G.; Parkin, Andrew; Crystal Growth & Design (2009), 9(3), 1278-1279.

How does grinding produce co-crystals? Insights from the case of benzophenone and diphenylamine; Chadwick, Keith; Davey, Roger; Cross, Wendy; CrystEngComm (2007), 9(9), 732-734.

Cocrystallization: A Solution Chemistry Perspective and the Case of Benzophenone and Diphenylamine; Chadwick, K.; Davey, R. J.; Dent, G.; Pritchard, R. G.; Hunter, C. A.; Musumeci, D.; Crystal Growth & Design (2009), 9(4), 1990-1999.




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