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Mihir Purkait

Mihir Kumar Purkait
Visiting Professor

Phone:   (617) 253-6555

PhD (2005): Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India
M.Tech (2001): Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India
B.Tech (1999): Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Calcutta, India
Research Interest
Advance separation processes 

Work Experience
Sr. Lecturer (2004-5): Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati (9 months)
Assistant Professor (2005-8): Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati (3yrs)
Associate professor (2008-till now): Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati

Govt sponsored project: (Completed: 4, ongoing 2)
PhD thesis supervision: (Completed: 4, ongoing: 3)
M.Tech thesis supervision: 8
Patent applied: 4
Publication in international journals of repute: 46
Presentations in national and international conferences: 24


  • Recipient of "BOYSCAST Fellow" award for the year 2009-2010, from the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India.
  • Young Scientist Medal Award from the Indian National Science Academy (INSA), 2009.
  • The Young Engineers Award in the field of Chemical Engineering from The Institute of Engineers (India), 2009.
  • Dr. A.V. Rama Rao Foundation’s Best PhD Thesis and Research Award in Chemical Engineering/Technology” for the year 2007 from Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE).
  • Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award, from National Integration and Economic Council , 2007.
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue on “Waste Management using BioScience and Technology” in the International Journal of BioSciences and Technology (2008).
  • Honorary Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of BioSciences and Technology.(2008).


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