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Saurabh Tejwani

Saurabh Tejwani
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering, MIT
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2009)
M.S. in Chemical Engineering Practice, MIT (2006)
Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of   Technology, Bombay (2004)

Research Summary:
Nonmagnetic particles immersed in magnetic fluids offer interesting opportunities in separations, assemblies and other applications.  These materials develop anisotropies in properties such as dielectric permittivity, viscosities and refractive indices in the presence of magnetic field.  We have developed computational and simulation tools to assist in the in-depth understanding of the thermodynamic and transport properties of such nonmagnetic nanoparticles immersed in magnetic fluids under varying magnetic field conditions. 




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