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Tiangang Shang
Post-doctoral Associate

Phone: (617) 253-6555


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD in Chemical Engineering (2005)
Thesis title: A new class of photoresponsive surfactants
Thesis advisors: Professor T.A. Hatton and K.A. Smith

Research Experience:
Post-doctoral associate
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, 2005 ~ 2008
Advisor: E.W. Kaler
Rheology and self-assembling behavior of wormlike micellar systems; interactions between wormlike micelles and polyelectrolytes; surfactant- polyelectrolyte complexation

Research Summary:
Responsive surfaces & interfaces as well as active control of solvent solvency aiming at adaptive separation

Shang, T.G.; Smith, K.A.; Hatton, T.A. Self-assembly of a Nonionic Photoresponsive Surfactant Under Varying Irradiation Conditions: A Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Cryo-TEM Study. Langmuir 22(4), 1436-1442 (2006)
Shang, T.G.; Smith, K.A.; Hatton, T.A. Photoresponsive Surfactants Exhibiting Unusually Large, Reversible Surface Tension Changes under Varying Illumination Conditions. Langmuir 19(26), 10764-10773 (2003). 




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