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Archives: Peru

On August 28, 2001, a benefit concert was held to help pay for the defense of Lori Berenson, a former MIT student now imprisoned in Peru. We helped to design a flyer to publicize the event.

On January 22, 2002, we showed Abducted, a film about Amnesty International's investigation of the La Cantuta massacre, which took place in Lima in 1992. We also showed Convicted by an Image, which presented journalist Danny Schechter's argument that the Berenson case was mishandled by the mass media.

Grassroots activist Daniel Moss joined us on April 19 for a lunch-time discussion about how the people of an Andean village dealt with the effects of a toxic mercury spill.

On October 10, MIT undergraduates Amy Meadows '03 & Shefali Oza '04 spoke about the work they did as medical volunteers in Lima.

Harvard anthropologist Irene Good joined us on April 9, 2003 to present the work she is doing at the Peabody Museum to preserve and interpret pre-Colombian textiles from the Peruvian Andes.

On April 16, Thomas Cummins, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of the History of Pre-Columbian & Colonial Art at Harvard, used the contemporary artistic and literary record to show how Peruvian gold financed the Spanish Holy Crusades in North Africa and the Near East.