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Technology in the Public Interest?
How You Can Make A Difference

At their best science & engineering have devised solutions to problems that have plagued humans since antiquity. Yet there are vast regions of the world where innovations we now take for granted have not been implemented & many areas where human conflict has destroyed much of the essential technology & infrastructure. Populations around the world are in need of technology expertise, yet few have the resources to obtain the required talent. While aid agencies & NGOs do provide short-term emergency relief in many cases, there has generally been no significant or systematic engineering component in charitable work.

Can a non-profit organization be built to provide technical help to needy communities world-wide? What level of infrastructure for water resources, sanitation, & agriculture are required for sustainable development? Can technology help be provided with due regard for ecological principles and in accordance with fundamental human rights? We aim to find out.

Can technology be used to help prevent human conflict? How can money be raised to make the deserts bloom? Want to help build infrastructure for sustainable development?

We need your help!

If you want to: do country-specific research on the need for technology infrastructure; or take part in fact-finding missions or create engineering designs; or build software to help manage international technology projects -- come talk to us!

6:30 p.m., September 25, 2002
MIT Room 1-236