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MP3 audio recording [66 MB]

Order of Events for the Venezuelan Cultural Night

March 17, 2005

Walker Memorial Hall, MIT


Venezuelan National Anthem

                      Performed by the students of the Atlantic Union College           


Welcomes and Introductions

Chappell Lawson -- Associate Professor of Political Science, MIT

Martin Pacheco -- Consul General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Boston

Felix Arroyo -- Boston City Council

Jorge Marin -- Circulo Bolivariano de Boston, Martin Luther King

Anna Bershteyn -- MIT Western Hemisphere Project


Speeches by Our Guests

Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez

Foreign Affairs Vice Minister Maria Pilar Hernandez

Mayor Juan Barreto of Caracas


Question and Answer Session

                      Moderated by Prof. Chappell Lawson


Cultural Celebration

Introduction by Cultural AttachŽ of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

        Patricia Abdelnour

Music by La Bandansam


Special thanks to:

Citgo Corporation

The Bolivarian Circle of Boston

The Venezuelan Consulate in Boston

The Embassy of Venezuela in the United States

MIT UA Finboard and Office of Student Life Programs