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Voting Rights & Voting Wrongs:
How Election 2000 was Decided in Florida

Thursday, October 31, 2002
7 p.m. in MIT Room 3-133

Faye Anderson, a veteran of the first Bush Administration, once served as national vice chair of the Republican National Committee's New Majority Council. Greg Palast is an investigative reporter who works for the BBC and the Guardian. Danny Schechter is Executive Editor of and Executive Producer of Globalvision. Anderson, Palast, and Schechter have made a film about what happened in Florida during the last presidential election. According to the Taos Talking Picture Festival:

This tale of race, political payback, voter fraud and justice deferred could have come out of a Hollywood thriller. But no — this is the story of the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, one of the most startling, disturbing events in recent years. [The film] is a jaw-dropping, even terrifying account of just how shallow our nation's commitment to democracy can be. Weaving together the many strands of a story largely ignored since the bombings of September 11, [the team] also uncovers some new information, including the unethical, if not unconstitutional, purging of the rolls of African American voters. Forget the hanging chads and butterfly ballots: this election included the disenfranchisement of 180,000 citizens — largely the working poor and people of color.

Ordinarily a film that deals with such important civic matters might be expected to show up on public television. This film, however, will not be distributed by PBS. Why not?