Web Browsers Galore!: Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Fun with Web Browsers and Their Features

Mon. Oct. 18, 2004, 2:30 - 3:30 pm
DIRC, 14N-132
Nicole Hennig, Web Manager, MIT Libraries

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Are you stuck in a rut with always using Internet Explorer or Netscape with the default settings? Break out of that rut and see some tips and tricks for settings and customizations that you can use to enhance your web browsing experience.

At this session we will demo hidden and not-so-hidden features of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and various other browsers that might be used by people at MIT and beyond. We may also show how the web looks when browsing via Palm or cell phone.

Learn which aspects of a web site can be controlled by the end user no matter what the author of the web site does. Learn how to make pages look better on printouts, screen projections, and different sized monitors. See tips for handling bookmarks, tabs, buttons, search boxes and other "browser chrome" (features around the edges of a web page that are part of the browser).