MIT Hillel

Student Board


LAST AMENDED: December 11, 2012

Article I. NAME

Section 1 The name of this organization shall be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hillel Society of the MIT Hillel Foundation, Inc, hereafter referred to as Hillel.


Section 1 The purpose of Hillel shall be to serve as the Jewish community on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and to provide functions and services to further Jewish life on the campus.


Section 1 Hillel shall be under the jurisdiction of the MIT Hillel Foundation, Inc


Section 1 Membership in Hillel shall be open to all members of the MIT Community interested in furthering Hillel's purpose.

Section 2 Each member of Hillel shall have the right to be counted in a General Meeting quorum and to vote at General Meetings.

Section 3 Each member of Hillel shall be eligible to hold a position on the Executive Board.


Section 1 The Student Board of Hillel shall have the following officers: the President, the Treasurer, and between two and six Programming Vice Presidents. The Programming VP positions shall be determined by the nominating committee, outlined in Artcile XI section 10.

Section 2 In accordance with MIT ASA guidelines, the President and Treasurer shall be distinct, current MIT students.

Section 3 The duties of the President shall be the following:

a Assuming responsibility for the proper functioning of Hillel.
b Presiding at all General Meetings and at meetings of the Executive Board.
c Voting at meetings of the Executive Board and breaking ties in Executive Board votes.
d Breaking ties in votes taken at General Meetings.
e Representing Hillel whenever such representation shall be necessary.
f Taking emergency action on matters requiring immediate attention.
g Notifying the officers of the Executive Board of meeting times and agendas.
h Serving as a student representative on the MIT Hillel Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors
i Maintaining a current copy of the Constitution.
j Maintaining Hillelís membership database and mailing lists

Section 4 The duties of the Treasurer shall be the following:

a Maintaining Hillelís financial records and reporting these records to the Board as well as externally upon request.
b Paying all legitimate bills in a timely fashion.
c Developing an annual budget approved by the Executive Board within one month of election.
d Requesting funding biannually from the MIT Undergraduate Association Finance Board.
e Co-signing all checks drawn against the Hillel account with the Hillel Director, Administrative Assistant, or President.
f Overseeing the disbursal of Hillel Board grant funds and communicating with grant recipients to ensure successful programs.

Section 5 The duties of the Programming Vice Presidents shall be the following:

a Initiating an events calendar at the beginning of each semester. These events shall integrate two or more of the following seven areas: social, Shabbat, holidays, education, Tzedek, Israel, and art and culture.
b One Programming Vice President shall serve as a point person for every event. This entails submitting to the board pre planning and evaluation forms for each program, as well as overseeing the planning and execution of the program, and ensuring it will benefit the Hillel community.
c Working with other members of Hillel and/or the Jewish community to coordinate and implement the programs initiated by the Programming Vice Presidents.
d Coordinating the distribution publicity materials in electronic and physical.


Section 1 The Board shall be empowered to interpret this Constitution.

Section 2 The Board shall be responsible for all the business of Hillel between General Meetings.

Section 3 All members of the Board shall have the following duties:

a Assist one another in the completion of duties.
b Participate in Hillelís publicity efforts.
c Make every effort to attend events run by other board members, including but not limited to weekly Shabbat dinners

Section 4 Regarding meetings of the Student Board:

a The President may call meetings of the Executive Board. A meeting of the Executive Board shall have a quorum of four officers.
b All members of the student board shall attend meetings as called for by the Executive President, unless the member has been granted an official excused absence as determined by the President.
c Recording minutes of Hillel meetings and submitting these minutes for the access of Board members shall rotate between the board members.
d The Board shall meet biweekly.
e Each board member shall meet with (Hillel staff) biweekly.
f All decisions of the Board must be by simple majority vote. A vote may be called by the presiding officer by the agreement of a majority of the Board. In the event of a tie, the Presiding officer shall cast the deciding vote.
g The rules contained in the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern meetings of the Executive Board when not inconsistent with this Constitution.


Section 1 The student Board shall assemble committees or special chairs when necessary, both to assist the vice presidents and to fulfill special program needs.

Section 2 In fulfillment of Hillel's purpose, special interest groups shall exist to provide religious services and special programming. They shall be autonomous in all of their business including appointment of leaders. As permanent committees, each special interest group shall report regularly to the Executive Board via the President.


Section 1 The professional staff of Hillel shall assist the student board in running the daily operations of Hillel, in planning and executing programming, and in raising funds for Hillel.

Section 2 The Board of Directors of Hillel shall guide the organization in its long-term development, assist in its raising of funds, and arrange for the professional staff.

Section 3 The President of the Student Board shall serve on the MIT Hillel Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors. Additionally, one additional undergraduate student Hillel member shall serve on the Board of Directors. The undergraduate representative shall be annually selected by the Executive Board at the start of the Board of Directors term for one year of service beginning at that time. The student members of the Board of Directors shall attend its regular meetings and represent student viewpoints there.


Section 1 All Hillel business may be transacted at a General Meeting.

Section 2 The Executive President shall preside over General Meetings.

Section 3 A General Meeting shall be held at least annually.

Section 4 A General Meeting may be called by an action of the Executive Board.

Section 5 A quorum of eighteen voting Hillel members shall be necessary at a General Meeting to transact business.

Section 6 No proxies shall be allowed at General Meetings.

Section 7 The rules contained in the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern General Meetings when not inconsistent with this Constitution.


Section 1 Nominations shall be opened four weeks prior to the date of elections. Nominations shall be closed by the President at the General Meeting for Elections

Section 2 The President shall inform the Membership of Hillel of the opening of nominations and provide a description of each position as stated in Article V.

Section 3 The President shall be in charge of receiving nominations, notifying members when they have been nominated and tracking pending nominations.


Section 1 Election of the President shall take place at a General Meeting to be held within six weeks of the end of the Fall Term.

Section 2 The term of office shall run from the beginning of the Spring term for one year. This includes IAP of the following winter.

Section 3 The President shall describe the elections procedure and answer any procedural questions before proceeding with the elections.

Section 4 Before the election, the President will close nominations for that office.

Section 5 Each candidate for this position shall make a 1-minute-long video describing their vision for Hillel, and may also speak for two minutes before that election with the other candidates not present. Questions from Hillel members may be asked. Subsequently, with no candidates present, the Hillel members present at the election shall discuss the candidates until a motion to vote is approved by a majority.

Section 6 Votes for officers shall be cast by written secret ballot. In order to vote for an office, a Hillel member must have heard all speeches pertaining to that office. The ballot shall contain a list of candidates' names. The names of all candidates nominated off the floor shall be written onto the ballot. Any ballot not containing all the candidates' names shall be disregarded. The vote shall be by prioritization. Voters shall rank candidates in order of preference.

Section 7 To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast, ranking each vote by priority.

a. First, only first choice votes shall be considered. If no nominee receives a majority, the nominee receiving the fewest votes shall be eliminated. Any ballots in that candidate's pile will then be divided based on second choice votes. This process will be continued through the preference order.
b. If no candidate is elected by this procedure, then a simple majority vote will determine the election in a run off between the two leading candidates from the original ballot.

Section 8 During the General Meeting for elections, the two highest ranking seniors on the Student Executive Board ó as determined by order of voting specified herein ó shall tally the vote in private. If two seniors do not serve on the board, the Executive President shall choose two vote counters.

Section 9 Voters who may not be able to be present at elections may cast an absentee ballot a few days prior to election night. Before voting, each voter must watch the video clips of all candidates.

Section 10 The Treasurer and the Programming Vice Presidents shall be elected based on application submission. Review of the applications shall occur the week following the election of the new President.

Section 11 The applications shall be written by the current Student Board and shall represent the qualities required for a particular position.

Section 12 The applications shall be reviewed by the newly elected President and any current board members who are not running for reelection. The reviewing committee shall have at least 5 members. If this number is not met, the current board shall choose a reviewing committee as it sees right. The committee shall be approved by the Hillel Board staff advisor.

Section 13 No member may hold more than one office at a time.

Section 14 Upon the resignation or removal of any officer. The executive board shall find a suitable candidate to fill the position. For a vacancy in the position of President, the Board and shall appoint an interim president and a special election will be held to fill the position of President.
a. A special election shall be held in a General Meeting as soon as possible to fill the vacant office. The membership shall be notified of the General Meeting at least one week in advance. Nominations shall occur immediately prior to the election.


Section 1 The following shall be acceptable grounds for impeachment:

a. Failure to execute satisfactorily the duties of office.
b. Behavior unbecoming of an officer of Hillel.

Section 2 The impeachment procedure shall be as follows:

a. Impeachment proceedings against any officer may be brought through written charges of 2 other Executive Board officers or through a petition signed by thirty-six members of Hillel.
b. Those charges shall be submitted to the to the Executive President. The Executive President shall present these charges to the officer in question.
c. A General Meeting shall be held within two weeks of the charge. The officer in question may speak for ten minutes in his or her defense. He or she shall then leave the room and those present may debate until a motion to vote is approved by the majority.
d. Two-thirds of the members present at the General Meeting must vote for removal in order to remove the officer under question from his or her duties.


Section 1 Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed either by the Executive Board or by petition of eighteen Hillel members.

Section 2 Amendments may be proposed at least 2 weeks prior to the General Meeting.

Section 3 At least one week before the meeting, the President shall send to each Hillel member the following: a copy of the proposed amendment, an explanation of the reasons for the amendment, a copy of this article of the Constitution, and an announcement of the General Meeting at which the amendment is to be considered.

Section 4 At a General Meeting where amendment proposals are processed, the following qualifications shall apply:
a. At that General meeting, amendments may be modified by proposals approved by a majority vote.
b. The final form of the amendment must be germane to the original proposal.
c. New amendment proposals may not be brought at General Meetings, but must instead be transacted through the procedure outlined in this article.


Section 1 Hillel agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association of Student Activities, and its executive board. This constitution, amendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall be subject to review by the ASA Executive Board to insure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules and regulations.

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