Judaic Library

Library At the MIT Cultural Center

MIT Hillel's Judaic Library, located in the MIT Religious Activities Center, is open to members of the MIT Community. The collection includes 3,000 books in English and Hebrew and a small video and DVD collection. All titles are listed in the computerized catalogue located on the Hillel Center/Library computer.


Circulation: 4 weeks
Check-out policy: sign your name, address, phone, email, date, and book title on the sign out sheet
Return policy: re-shelve any books that you use

Videos and DVDs

Circulation: 1 week
Video check-out policy: contact a staff member in the Hillel office.
DVD check-out policy: Sign out the DVD in the presence of a member of the Hillel staff, a Hillel Student Board member, Hillel DVD chair, or email hillel-dvds@mit.edu.
DVD return policy: email hillel-dvds@mit.edu and give the DVD to one of the Hillel staff members in the basement of W11

If you do not find the film you are looking for, please feel free to send an e-mail to hillel-dvds@mit.edu to make a suggestion that it be purchased in the future.

Current selections include:

Non-Circulating Items 
Reference books, periodicals, and encyclopedias

Please return any borrowed materials promptly so that others can use them. This library is provided as a service to the MIT community. Library questions can be directed to the staff in the MIT Hillel office in the lower level of the building.

Hillel is pleased to accept donations to the Hillel Library Fund for the purchase of new books, videos and DVD's. Send donations to the MIT Hillel office. A commemorative bookplate can be placed in each book, video and DVD purchased with a donation.

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