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The five member Student Executive Board provides leadership and direction for the Hillel student program. The board meets weekly to discuss, clarify, and implement Hillel’s mission. Elections for Hillel leadership are held annually in early December. Officers serve from Registration Day in early February for a term of one year.

To contact the Student Executive Board, email:

Executive Board | Funding Grants | Membership and Voting | Constitution

The current members of the Hillel Student Executive Board:

Noam Buckman
Programming Vice President
Elana Ben-Akiva
Programming Vice President
Ariel Schvartzman
Programming Vice President
Adam Slakter
Morris Alper


Funding Grants

Jewish student activities at MIT can receive funding for specific programs by applying for a MIT Hillel Jewish Programming Grant. Proposed programs can serve any population within MIT's Jewish community. We welcome new ideas.

Membership and Voting

MIT Hillel's programs and events are open to anyone in the MIT community. There are no membership requirements for participation. Membership, for the purpose of determining Hillel student governance and student policy, is to all members of the MIT community interested in furthering Hillel's purpose.

Voting rights are available for all members as described below. Any exceptions to this shall be referred to the Hillel Executive Board.

Voting membership shall be conferred upon completion of a voter registration form at least one week prior to the vote in question. Voting membership expires on the fall semester registration day.

The privileges of voting membership are:

Members who want to register to vote complete and submit the registration form.

Constitution of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hillel Society of the Hillel Foundations | Download in PDF format

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