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2004 Conference on International Health

The eighth annual national symposium, the Harvard-MIT Hippocratic Societies' 2004 Conference on International Health, was held on April 24-25, 2004, at Harvard University. The conference featured panel discussions with noted experts on economics and healthcare, infectious diseases, and bioethics. Participants attended expert seminars on topics in international health ranging from women's health to war and health, health and the environment, and case studies concerning SARS, AIDS, and the flu. Undergraduates also had an opportunity to present their own research in a poster session dedicated to showcasing the work of the future's scientists and leaders in international health and were judged by the distinguished panel of speakers at the conference.

We also published an annual journal, which serves as a further avenue for addressing important medical and ethical issues, and is an important reference both for Harvard and MIT students and for conference attendees. Click here to see a PDF copy of the 2004 Hippocratic Society Journal.

Below is a schedule for the 2004 conference:


Time Event Location
8:00-10:00 pm Registration Opens Ticknor Lounge, 1st Floor Boylston Hall


Time Event Location
8:30 am Registration Sever Hall Lobby
9:00 am Poster Setup Sever Hall Lobby
9:30 am Breakfast
Sever Hall Lobby
10:00 am

Opening Keynote Address - Susan Blumenthal
U.S. Assistant Surgeon General and Rear Admiral

Sever Hall 113
11:00 am

Mental Health Panel

  • Byron Good, "Societal Issues in Global Mental Health"
    Professor of Medical Anthropology; Chair, Department of Social Medicine; Faculty in Anthropology
  • Mary Jo Good, "NusaAmuk -- Illustrations from Indonesia "
    Professor of Social Medicine HMS and Faculty in Sociology
Sever Hall 102
11:40 pm

Special Topics in Global Health

  • Edward Benz, Jr., "Contemporary Research Topics in Cancer"
    President, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Richard and Susan Smith Professor of Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School ; President of the American Society of Hematology
  • S. Allen Counter, "Lead Poisoning in Andean Children"
    Neurophysiologist, Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School ; Director, Harvard Foundation for Intercultural Relations
Sever Hall 103
12:30 pm Infectious Diseases Panel
  • Joia Stapleton Mukherjee, "MDR-TB"
    Department of Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School , Medical Director of Partners in Health
  • Dyann Wirth, "Molecular mechanisms of protozoan parasites: malaria"
    Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health; Director, Harvard Malaria Initiative
  • Desmond Johns, "Fighting HIV/AIDS"
    Director, New York UNAIDS
Sever Hall 102
1:30 pm


Sever Hall Lobby
2:30 pm

Expert Seminars

  • David Darst, "The Role of the Entrepreneur in International Health"
    Co-founder, Potentia Pharmaceuticals, Medicine in Need
  • Adrian Walter-Ginzburg, "The Israeli Kibbutz as a Venue for Successful Aging"
    Research associate, Herczeg Institute on Aging, Tel Aviv University
  • Hannia Campos, "Bad diets, poor hearts: An emerging condition in Latin America "
    Associate Professor of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Garth Graham, "Minority Health"
    White House Fellow, Department Health and Human Services; Board of Directors, Physicians for Human Rights

Sever Hall 111

Sever Hall 106

Sever Hall 110

Sever Hall 112

3:30 pm

Iraq Focus Panel

  • Elspeth Ritchie, "Washing Wounds Along the Tigris"
    Lt Col Army doctor. Program director of Mental Health Policy and Women's Issues, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs.
  • Lynn Amowitz, "Women's Health and Human Rights in Iraq "
    Specialist Women's Health and Epidemiology, Senior Medical Research with Physicians for Human Rights
  • Edward Keenan
    Pediatrician at Mass General Hospital
  • Randall Williams, "Women's Health Issues in Iraq "
    Gynecologist, Heaton, Fulghum & Williams; Wake County Medical Society President
  • Bernard Alpert, "Iraqi civilian casualties"
    President, Medical Board of California; Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, UCSF; Volunteer Surgeon in International Medical Corps
Sever Hall 113
5:30 pm Poster Presentations Sever Hall Lobby
8:00 pm Dinner Banquet - Kathy Spahn, "Prevention of Blindness: Toward a Sustainable Solution"
President, ORBIS International
Faculty Club
8:00 pm Movie screening  


Time Event Location
9:00 am Registration Sever Hall Lobby
9:30 am Breakfast Sever Hall Lobby
10:00 am

Bioethics Panel

  • Carola Eisenberg, "Rights and Responsibilites of Physicians"
    Lecturer Department of Social Medicine Harvard Medical School, Former dean of student affairs at MIT
  • Mark Grabowsky, "Delivering Equity in International Health"
    Senior Health Advisor American Red Cross International Services
  • Bill Essig, "Serving the Needy in Disaster Response"
    Vice President of International Programs for Northwest Medical Teams International
Sever Hall 102
11:30 am

Expert Seminars

  • Hamish Fraser, "Improving Healthcare in Developing Countries with Good Information"
    Instructor in the Informatics Program at Boston Children's hospital and Director of Informatics and Telemedicine for the Program in Infectious Disease and Social Change at Harvard Medical School
  • Majid Ezzati, "Environmental Health Risks in Developing World: Scientific Research for Designing Effective Interventions"
    Harvard School Public Health
  • Regina Swadzka, "Consequences of International Disasters and the Red Cross Humanitarian Response"
    Boston Red Cross, International Services Division

Sever Hall 110

Sever Hall 111

Sever Hall 106

12:30 pm


Sever Hall Lobby
1:30 pm

Student Activism Panel

Sever Hall 102

2:15 pm

Closing Keynote - Carol Etherington, "Responding to Victims of Violence"
President, US Branch Doctors Without Borders

Sever Hall 113
3:15 pm Closing Ceremonies Sever Hall 113
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