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Hong Kong Students Bible Study Group (HKSBS) is a group of students of Cantonese origin who have an interest in knowing God through the study of the Bible. Both believers in Christ and nonbelievers are welcome. The group have no denominational background and is affiliated to a joint group of pastors from various local Chinese churches.

Our regular meetings are Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, in Private Dining Rooms 1 & 2, located on the 2nd floor of Student Center. To receive email notification of our upcoming events, please sign up by emailing hksbs dash exco at mit dot edu.

Fall 2005 Orientation Events

Activities Midway 2005

Stop by our booth and find out more about us! We're at Johnson Athletic Center, Sept. 2nd, 4:00pm - 7:00pm.

Shopping Trip to Target

We will take you to a department store (Target) for your daily necessities! Meet at front entrance to Ashdown, Tuesday, Sept. 6th, 6:00pm.

Orientation Picnic at Georges Island

Get away from MIT and spend a day at the lovely Georges Island. Excellent chance to meet some fellow Hong Kong students! 

Special Event: Sports Night

Our third special event of the semester! Join us for a night of fun and activity with balls and games!



Last Update: October 23, 2004