Hugh McManus

(former) Associate Director - MIT Lean Advancement Initiative Educational Network
Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University (starting Fall 17)
Lecturer, Loyola Marymount University
Senior Special Project Engineer - Metis Design
Affiliated Researcher - MIT Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative

Dr. Hugh McManus develops, teaches and applies advanced methods in lean process improvement, systems engineering and preliminary design,
and composite materials and structures, for a variety of corporate, government, and university clients.

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Some of the organizations I work with:

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at Northeastern University - I have been a lecturer for several years, and will be an Associate Teaching Professor starting this fall
The Systems Engineering Program at Loyola Marymount University - I am a lecturer and helped design the Healthcare Systems Engineering Program
Metis Design, an engineering company in Cambridge MA - I head the Lean Enterprise Transformation division
The Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative at MIT

Some of the products I work on:

The Product Development Value Stream Mapping Manual - A free download
The Lean Enterprise Value Simulation and classes and training in Enterprise Transformation, Lean Engineering, and Lean Healthcare
The LAI Lean Academy, an open-source course in Lean Enterprise fundamentals, available at MIT Open CourseWare
Summaries of progress in Lean Product Development and Lean Healthcare
Northeastern University IE 5617 Lean Concepts and Applications (part of the Graduate Certificate in Lean Six-Sigma)
The Loyola Marymount Univerity Healthcare Systems Engineering Program, including the SELP 535 Lean Healthcare class


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