The Ascher H. Shapiro Lecture In Fluid Mechanics

The Ascher H. Shapiro Lecture in Fluid Mechanics, was established in 1992 with the goal of
bringing internationally-recognized leaders in the area of fluid mechanics to MIT.  The lecture
series honors the many contributions made in the area of fluid mechanics by Ascher Shapiro.

  Previous lecture in the series:

2012: "Understanding an Hourglass, and Other Granular Flows, in Under an Hour" by
                Professor Melany L. Hunt, Caltech

2010: "Individual and Collective Behavior in Suspensions of Swimming Micro-organisms" by
            Professor Timothy J. Pedley, University of Cambridge

2007: "A New Hypothesis for Vulnerable Plaque Rupture” by Prof. Sheldon Weinbaum, City
            College of New York

2005: "Molecular Basis of Mechanotransduction in Endothelial Cells" by Professor Shu Chien,
            UC San Diego

2003: "Aeroacoustics" by Professor Shon Ffowcs Williams, University of Cambridge

2000: "Interfacial Fluid Mechanics" by Professor Stephen H. Davis, Northwestern University

1998: "Mechanics of Granular Flow" by Professor Stuart B. Savage, McGill University

1997: "Polmer Fluid Dynamics" by Professor R. Byron Bird, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1995: "Hooked on Research" by Professor George K. Batchelor, University of Cambridge

1994: "Rheology of Non-Coloidal Particle Vibrations on a Theme by Albert Einstein Latest
            Update" by Professor Andreas Acrivos, City College of New York

1993: "Transport in the Remodeling of Living Tissues Under Stress" by Professor Y.C. Fung,
            U.C., San Diego

1992: "Biomechanics of Shearing Sensitivity" by Sir James Lighthill, Imperial College