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Welcome to the MIT-HMSL telesurgery project homepage

These pages, currently undergoing major reconstruction, will describe the different aspects of the HMSL telesurgery project.

The Cooperative Telesurgery section describes the simulated surgical exercises we used to evaluate tele-surgeon/local assistant cooperation. Currently this link goes to the original cooperative telesurgery page, which also describes some of the system hardware.

The Control Under Time Delay section describes the efforts that were made to develop control schemes that would provide a tele-surgeon with force feedback despite instability-causing time delays.

System Hardware describes the various components of the telesurgery system. These include the teleoperator, the remotely controlled surgical tool, the audio/video system we used, and the methods by which time delays were generated.

For information on other HMSL research projects, please return to the Human-Machine Systems Lab homepage.

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