The HMSL Telesurgery System

This page, currently under construction (and coming soon!), will describe the various components of the HMSL telesurgery system, including the teleoperator and remote control surgical tool, and the audio/video system we used, including the delay generation equipment. Here's a quick look at the system as a whole, as it was demonstrated at Telemedicine: New Technologies for Health Care, a conference presented by the MIT Industrial Liaison Program, April 1-2, 1996.

Telesurgery system components. This "patient" is a modified CPR manikin

In the mean time, you can look at some of the other images from the telesurgery experiments...


Experiment Tasks

These images are taken from the laparoscope we used while performing the experiments. This is what the surgeon and assistant saw while performing "surgery". These tasks were modelled on a set of laparoscopic training tasks developed by Steele, et al.

You can also visit the original cooperative telesurgery page, which will soon be updated to include sample results from our experiments.

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