Ron's Personal Stuff

One of my main hobbies is photography. Take a look at my online mini photo gallery. Some of my photographs taken on the island of Martha's Vineyard are available for purchase as digital files from I also have an Etsy store where prints and cards can be purchased. hope you'll have a look! My personal site, often in a state of disrepair (!) can be visited at Archiscapes.US.

Speaking of photos, thanks to the Joint MIT and MassGIS Digital Orthophoto Project I can show you an aerial photo of my home!

For more aerial viewpoints, check out this Geo-Image Library of color aerial coastal photos.

Have you ever tried modern square dancing? You should come see what it's really like. It's fantastic fun and Tech Squares at MIT is the place to try it!

I am a licensed (N1XU) amateur radio operator, a member of MIT's radio clubs (W1MX and W1XM) and the trustee for the W1MX station. You can learn about "ham radio" at the ARRL web site.

During January 1998 I participated in the MIT Annual Mystery Hunt as a member of the Eleusian Nights team. This year's Hunt included puzzles made up not only by the folks running the event, but also required each team to write a puzzle of their own!

I started collecting movies on Laserdisc just shortly before they became obsolete... but I've got a bunch of them now and I'm shifting to DVD. Here's a list of what I have.

I like wearing tie-dye shirts while bike riding around on Martha's Vineyard.

Finally, the collection of fortune cookie fortunes has begun. Enjoy a tasty meal.

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Last update 22 March 2003.