Administrative Assistant:



Marjorie A. Joss






Hogan, Neville



Krebs, Hermano I.



Post-Doctoral Fellows:



Fasoli, Susan E.



DiPietro, Laura

Movement primitives and human arm movements

The Effect of Proximal and Distal Training on Stroke Recovery



Recent Graduate Students:



Griffin, Ryan A.

Semi-Active Variable-Impedance Materials



Buerger, Steve

Hydraulic Transmissions for "High Force Haptic" Device Actuation

Improving Force-Based Interaction Control Using Limited Knowledge of Environment Dynamics



Mendelowitz, Sarah E.

MRI Compatible Wrist Robot



Palazzolo, Jerome J.

Performance-Based Progressive Therapy (PBPT) Enhances Neural Plasticity

Spectral Estimation of Mechanical Impedance of Hemiplegic Arms



Current Graduate Students:



Ahn, Jooeun

Finding Objective Function and Mathematical Model of Locomotion of Normal/Impaired Subjects



Charles, Steven K.

Robot-Aided Wrist Rehabilitation After Stroke



Hanumara, Nevan

MRI Compatible Wrist Robot


Levy-Tzedek, Shelly

Deep Brain Stimulation and Motor Control


Masia, Lorenzo

Robot-Aided Grasp Rehabilitation



Young, Josh

Spinal Rat Rehabilitation Robot



Undergraduate Students:



Kaufman, Melissa



Tan, Nicola



Kai, Lauren



Kelly, Crystle



Paré, Philip