Department of Biology
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Research: Resources

(A) Electron microscopy and confocal microscopy.
We have a JEOL JEM-1200EXII electron microscope and microtome (Ultracut E) as well as a Zeiss LSM510 confocal microscope. Research Specialist Erika Hartwieg is dedicated full-time to using these resources for the projects of the laboratory.

(B) DNA sequencing. We have an Applied Biosystems 373 Stretch DNA sequencer. Research Technician Beth Castor is dedicated full-time to using this resource for the projects of the laboratory.

(C) Genomics and robotics. We have a Tecan Genesis Workstation 200 with a Te-Mo 96-channel pipetter. This robotic liquid-handling system is used for screening for deletion mutants and the construction of our deletion libraries and will be used for other high-throughput operations. Research Technician Andrew Hellman is dedicated full-time to using this robot for the projects of the laboratory. For gene chip studies, we have access to equipment at the MIT BioMicroCenter ( This equipment includes an Arrayworx Chip Scanner, a Genetic Microsystems Arraying Robot, an MWG Primus PCR Machine, and an MWG 4200 Pipetting Robot .

(D) Laser microsurgery. We have a Laser Science Inc. VLS-337 coumarin-dye laser with a fiber-optics link.

(E) Electrophysiology. Our equipment for electrophysiological studies includes an Axon Instruments Axopatch 200B Integrating Patch Clamp and a Warner Oocyte Clamp OC-725C.

(F) C. elegans strain collection. We have more than 14,000 strains of C. elegans. We keep most of these strains in freezers at –80oC and in liquid nitrogen. Laboratory Manager Na An is responsible for the freezing, thawing, and distribution of these strains to members of our laboratory and to colleagues around the world.

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