MIT Undergraduate Housing Freshman Housing Lottery

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Detailed instructions can also be found in The Guide to First Year Student Residences.

In order to enter the housing lottery, you will need the following:

To enter the lottery, you must be a freshman, with an MIT Kerberos identity and an MIT Personal Certificate. Your summer Admissions packet had a coupon that allows you to create your MIT Kerberos identity. If you are missing this coupon, please contact Accounts at 617-253-1325 or at

  1. MIT Kerberos Identity. Instructions for how to get your Kerberos Identity were provided in the Admissions mailing from early May. If you do not have access to the instruction sheet from this mailing, please contact Accounts at 617-253-1325 or at .

  2. Access to a web browser capable of supporting a SSL connection while connected to the internet. You may view MIT's recommendations for web browsers from If you do not have access to a web browser, please mail or fax the preference form in The Guide to the First-Year Residences. If you mail or fax your form in, you will not be able to change your preferences or request a proposed roommate.

  3. MIT Personal Certificate. Once you have your Kerberos Identity, you will be able to Get the MIT CA (Certificate Authority), followed by your MIT Personal Certificate. For more information on obtaining MIT certificates, please visit

Once you have all of these, you can get started by logging in from

Lottery ScreenOnce you enter the lottery, you will be asked to provide your residence hall preferences. The lottery will ask you to rank all the Residence Halls, indicating your preference from 1 (most desirable living group) to 15 (least desirable). Each hall must have a ranking, but you may tie living groups with the same rank. You may also rank Residence-Based Advising Halls, and Cultural Houses to express your interest in living in those residences.

You will be prompted to answer the Freshman Rooming Questionnaire and provide feedback on the lottery itself. The Questionnaire will ask you to provide personal preferences regarding noise, cats, music, smoking and so on, to help the dormitory Room Assignment Officers place compatible roommates together.

Once you have provided your residence and personal preferences, you are done with the lottery. However, you can also invite a proposed roommate. The Housing Office allows you to form a group of two in order to try to let you share a residence hall assignment. Once you have answered the questionnaire, you will be given the opportunity to invite a proposed roommate. To invite a proposed roommate to share your lottery preferences and be assigned to the same living group, you need to know their Kerberos username (e.g. rsmedick). You will be prompted to confirm your roommate selection on-line. Your proposed roommate will be notified of your invitation when they log in, and will also receive email at their account. Your proposed roommate may accept or decline your invitation. If they decline, you will still be entered in the lottery as an individual.



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