Get Involved

There is much you can do, whether you are on campus, or off campus. We're listing some of the things that we think would be of interest or relevance to you, but we'd love to hear of any other thoughts that you may have.


Checks should be made out to MIT House of Volunteers, and sent to:

MIT Treasurer's Office
Attn: Recording Secretary
238 Main Street, Suite 200
Cambridge, MA 02142

Your donations are tax exempt.

Please email the treasurer, Syed Sarwar Hassan, at , noting your the amount of your donation, and the date the check was made out, to facilitate our making out receipts for your knd contribution.

MIT's tax identification number is 04-2103594. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also provides letters certifying MIT's tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) - please let us know if you require those, and we'll send those along promptly by email.

For members of the MIT Community

You can get involved in awareness and outreach initiatives through organizing and/or participating in:

  • Information/Awareness/Recruiting booths
  • Fundraisers
  • Lectures about our activities by members involved, and by prominent personalities in the IT and development fields
  • Executive meetings to coordinate our activities
  • General body meetings to gather suggestions from the community

For everyone

Initiate New Projects

If you have an exciting idea, that will further the cause of education, please share it with us! We welcome ideas at all stages of development, from a mere embryonic concept, to a full-blown business plan.

Work with Book Drive

To help out with the book drive, you can:

  • Donate your own books
  • Encourage other individuals, libraries, book stores and other institutions to donate books they no longer need or want to keep
  • Donate money to support the shipping cost of books to Bangladesh
  • Become our contact for your college, university, institution or organization in the US
  • Gather relevant contacts for academic institutions in Bangladesh
  • Help in transporting, sorting, packing and mailing books
  • Help devise sustainable funding strategies

Work with OSCEP

If you'd like to work with OSCEP, you can:

  • Support the development and maintenance of open source based platforms, systems and software (some Computer Science experience is required)
  • Help develop the curriculum
  • Start an HoV Chapter in your educational institution, and shepherd a new or existing computer education center
  • Donate funds to start a computer education center

You can either use the contact form, or email us at , to share your ideas with us and how you'd like to get involved. We look forward to hearing from you!

Donate Now!

Shipping books, setting up computer education centers and engaging in awareness activities all cost money. Much of it is funded through the generosity of patrons like you.

If what HoV does appeals to you, please consider donating to support our endeavors.

Please use the contact form, or email us at , for directions on how to donate.