What is BPI?
Business Process Improvment (BPI) is an approach organizations use to review and redesign an existing process or to design a new process.

Why use it?
BPI is a versatile and useful methodology in many situations you might encounter at MIT, including

  • Analyzing how effective a current process is at meeting customer requirements
  • Evaluating new technologies or tools that could automate or simplify a process
  • Integrating new requirements into existing processes
  • Designing new processes from the "ground up"
  • Documenting best practices

Is BPI right for me?
Consider using BPI in situations at MIT where

  • New challenges arise that require reevaluation and redesign of existing processes or policies
  • A current service or product no longer meets identified needs
  • A new service of product is being introduced
  • It would be helpful to have a structured framework to manage complexity

How it works
There are four basic stages to BPI. Click on any of the areas below for a full explanation and examples.

Real-life experiences
IS&T's real-life experience with BPI is profiled on this site.
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