Design is the third phase of BPI. This is where you define the desired future state of the process.

Establishing a Direction

  • What's the vision?

  • How would we like it to work?

  • Are there targets we want to set or have to meet?

  • Are there some fundamental principles we are drawing on for design?

Determining the Design Criteria

  • The new process needs to ...

Designing the Process

  • How can we get the work done in a way that meets the design criteria?

  • Map out the "to be" process so you establish the desired future state

  • Use scenarios to test out the design (i.e., what if?)

  • What are the implications for the organizational structure, for the people, for the systems, etc?

  • Make refinements to the proposed design

  • Finalize recommendations
See client support recommendations from Support in IS

Communicating with the Organization Part II

  • Share information from the data collection and design phase

  • Consult people on the "proposed process"

  • Find out where the sensitive points are

  • Gather ideas you can use to make improvements

  • Build support


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