Implementation is the fourth and final phase of BPI.

Determining How to Move Forward

  • What approval is needed?

  • How do you gain the support necessary to go forward?

  • Would it be helpful to pilot the "proposed process"?

  • Can we collect some data on the pilot to learn more before we go to full-scale implementation?

  • What preparation is needed (physical changes, equipment, employee changes, training etc.)?

  • Make refinements as you assess this phase

Moving to Roll Out

  • Who will put together an implementation plan?

  • Issues to address
    • scale
    • sequence
    • timing (how much can we support?)
    • resources
    • expected results/measures
    • what are the system issues that need to be addressed?
    • how do we create an action learning approach?
    • how will the effort be evaluated and its success measured?
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