The first phase of BPI, known as initiation, is an opportunity to focus on a particular process and determine the scope of its redesign.

Explore the Presenting Problem

  • Who might be the sponsor?

  • What's the felt need for change?

  • What's happening outside as well as inside the organization?

  • How do you get a more complete picture of this situation?

Beginning the Process

  • What's the scope?
    See sample scope statement from the Distributed Support Team in Information Systems (IS)

  • How will you tackle the task?

  • If you use a team, how will it be formed?
    • Will membership include internal and external people?

  • Critical decision points
    • What's in scope?
    • What's outside the scope?
    • Who's on the team and who's not?
    • What's the sponsor's status?

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