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In June 2001, Greg Anderson, Information Systems Director of the I/T Support Process, delivered a message throughout his organization and Information Systems that work would be undertaken to better align efforts toward the stated goals for the I/T Support Process.

Structuring this work to get projects started quickly, Greg chartered four working BPI teams focused on the following areas:

  • First Contact client support
  • Software Lifecycle
  • Distributed Support
  • Client Advocacy

BPI was selected because this approach focuses on the process for delivering a product or service to the customer. Process includes all the steps involved in producing the product or service, and the goal of BPI is to improve the process so that the product or service can be delivered in a more efficient or effective manner.

Examples of the work of two of the teams, First Contact and Distributed Support, can be found throughout this site.

The Distributed Support Team commenced their effort in August 2001, and produced a final report in December of that same year. An initial effort was piloted with the School of Science to test out how this approach might work. Data has been collected on the resources needed and costs vs benefits involved in this effort. Other components of this recommended upgrade have been adopted in part by specific teams in Information Systems.

The First Contact Team also began their effort in August 2001. Their final report was produced in late November of that same year, and the implementation phase began in January 2002. A number of recommendations have been implemented within the Support Process. Related work has been identified and folded into the Call Center to provide a more integrated and efficient process. Additional steps have been taken to establish agreements on esculation paths and ways to coordinate related work.

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