Worksheet: Getting Started with BPI

If you believe BPI might be right for your process redesign, start by answering the following questions.

You may print this worksheet by clicking the "Print" button in your browser or using Control-P.

  1. Team Membership
    • Sponsor:
    • Team Lead:
    • Facilitator:
    • Member:
    • Member:
    • Member:
    • (List all roles and who is involved)

  2. Justification
    Why is this work necessary?
    What are the conditions and/or issues that justify this effort?
    See example from HR-Payroll Project add link

  3. Description
    What is the work?
    What will the team do?

  4. Deliverables
    What will the team deliver?
    In as much detail as possible:
    • Recommendations
    • Process maps
    • System evaluation
    • Impact assessment

  5. Success Criteria
    How is success measured?
    Complete the statement: The team will be successful if ...

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