Why use BPI?

BPI works well as a means for

  • Analyzing how effective a current process is at meeting customer requirements

  • Evaluating new technologies or tools that could automate or simplify a process

  • Integrating new requirements into existing processes

  • Designing new processes from the "ground up"

  • Documenting best practices

  • Getting an updated set of customer requirements

  • Sketching out a new process that may provide a quantum leap in performance (as opposed to an incremental change)

  • Determining if you can lower costs and/or improve performance in measurable ways

When to Consider Using BPI at MIT

  • When the current service or product is recognized as no longer meeting identified needs

  • When opportunities driven by change present themselves (e.g., new tools or technologies, new developments, such as expansion of housing or the adoption of agreements related to environmental, heath or safety)

  • When it is possible to learn from peer institutions through sharing best practices

  • When there are obvious inefficiencies, multiple handoffs, frequent breakdowns, or other indicators that the process is in disrepair

  • When the current "way we do business" just doesn't make sense anymore
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