Season's Pass Trailer

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I worked at Geauga Lake for two summers. The first was the summer of 1988. Opening weekend was the first weekend in May. I was a cashier and thus I figured I'd be handling money. In actual fact, I was assigned to the Seasons Pass trailer. It was a white trailer outside the front gate of Geauga Lake where Season's passes were made.

My Unit Lead that first weekend was a guy by the name of Tom Kramscak. He was a college student and had to go back to school after the first weekend (he wasn't close enough that he could drive back every weekend). I was one of 7 or 8 trainees (we were all new, apart from Tom) that weekend. Four days before opening weekend I sprained my ankle jumping off of the bleachers at school. Thus, I got assigned a relatively tame job my first day: computer entry.

Seasons pass holders would queue up outside the trailer and fill out registration forms which would be checked by employees. I'd get one copy of the registration form (to enter into the computer). Then they would have their picture taken and be told to come back several hours later to pick up their pass.

After a few hours at the computer, I got (understandably) bored, so I managed to weasel my way onto every other job at the trailer. I handed out clipboards (with blank forms), checked them, took pictures, laminated the finished products. At the end of the day, most of us handed out passes (the first weekend we did lots of passes, probably several hundred each day).

The second day, it was up to Tom to find someone he trusted enough to leave in charge when he went back to school. I was it. So I had been working there less than two days and I had charge of a unit already (in responsibility, not in title). I remained in charge of the Season's Pass trailer until after Tom came back in the beginning of June. At that point the pass count wound down.

I continued to work there through most of June. Just like I tired of computer entry, I soon tired of the Season's pass trailer. I got more varied assignments. Remote Cars, Remote Boats, Miniature Golf, Lost & Found (and Lost Children), Child Care Center, Euroracers Cashier. I was a well rounded cashier come the end of August.

Ohio schools start back the last week of August. I wasn't leaving for my job at Revco until after Labor Day so I got to work at Rainbow Island (Kiddie Land rides) for a few days. I ran the "Smackers" (kiddie Dodgems) and I LOVED it. It was so much fun trying to keep the kids from getting stuck in a corner!

Since I had done so well at Rainbow Island, my Cashier supervisor sent me to the Corkscrew (Roller Coaster) to "kick pedals". The Corkscrew (and Double Loop) were 2-operator rides. One ride operator pushed the buttons to release the brakes, the second operator kicked pedals to make sure the passengers were securely locked in. After kicking pedals for a few hours I got a chance to push the buttons. It was a ton of fun ... almost enough to make me want to do ride operations the next year!

I came back in the summer of 1989, having quit my job at Revco (Revco paid better, but I only got 40 hours a week. If I worked at least 60 hours at Geauga Lake I would get more than I got at Revco. And most weeks I put in at least 70 hours). I was determined that I would get the title of "Unit Lead" which I had worked so hard for the previous year. Quite honestly I was a bit of a renegade hoping for it so soon. Most people worked at Geauga Lake for 2 or 3 years before getting promoted ... and I was bucking for it after just 1 year.

My sister Emma was working at Geauga Lake that year, also as a cashier. I got assigned to the Seasons' pass trailer during opening weekend again, along with Emma. Once more I got the responsibility of Unit Lead without the promotion. I ran the trailer for 4 weekends.

I was promoted to Unit Lead at the beginning of June, 1989. The Unit I got was "Park Cashier" (Western Village Arcade, Remote Boats, Shooting Gallery, Mini Golf, Lost & Found, Euroracer Cashier, Remote Cars, Child Care) .. which actually wasn't the unit I wanted. I wanted the Main Gate unit (which had Season's Pass trailer in it). As it turned out, Park Cashier was the best I could have hoped for. I bounded around the park with seemingly unstoppable energy. "Take a lude, Helen!" I was often told. :-)

I went to the University of Cincinnati in September of 1989, and I met my now-husband in April of 1990. I decided to go and spend the summer in Boston, so I quit Geauga Lake.

I spent many an hour in the Season's Pass trailer, alone, pacing up & down while emotionally distraught, sitting on the "back" steps (we had two doors, a front door and a back door [we really considered this place to be home!] ... the front door was the one everyone came in through and the back door was everyone went out through) watching the sun set over the Geauga Lake parking lot and listening to the music on the Music Express which was right behind the Seasons' Pass Trailer (and also behind the fence). The girls I worked with ... we used to call up the Music Express and request songs and have them dedicated to us. :-) It passed the time in those slowish June days when the trailer was pretty quiet.

Sometimes a cute guy would come into the trailer and we'd take double or even quadruple pictures ... use one for his pass and then keep the others. We'd also take pictures of each other when we were bored. But it wasn't all fun & games ... we also mopped the floor and cleaned the place. At one point we thought about sleeping there, just for fun. Home away from home ....

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