Bryan Adams

Who ya gonna run to now you're ass is on the line?
who you think you're fooling? we ain't got the time
don't try and tell me who is wrong or right
we don't see eye to eye
so leave them alone
leave them alone
tonight, tonight, tonight
oh tonight
we can't change it at all

Forget the things I've told you
let's just sleep on it for now
it's your misunderstanding, I don't wanna hear you out
it's two wrongs baby
they dont make a right
and it's hardly worth the heartache
so just leave it leave it
oh tonight, tonight, tonight
yeah tonight,
we can't change it at all

oh oh oh, eh

tonight, tonight, tonight
oh tonight, we cant change it at all
just leave it to me
tonight, tonight
oh just leave me alone
we cant change it at all


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