Guruvayoorappan Temple, Guruvayoor,Kerala

Symbols of Hinduism:

Om : Universal symbol of the Omnipresent.

Swasthika: Often mistaken for the Nazi symbol, this is a common Hindu symbol of prosperity and auspiciousness.

Sangu (Conch): music of the Conch sounded during worship

Deepam/ Agni (Fire): Light and fire are the primordial symbol of the power of nature and the Almighty.

Thilakam/Bindhi/ Pottu/Dot on the Forehead: Symbolizing the power of the Chakra between the brows and that of the mind. It is typically worn by all men and women to signify auspiciousness and prosperity.

Naamam: Three vertical lines on the forehead worn by devout Vaishavites.

Vibhuthi (Basmam): Three Horizontal lines of Holy Ash worn on the forehead and other parts of the body by devout Saivites.

Snake: Worshipped individually or as a part of a dietiy signifying the life force and fertility.

Maangalyam/ Mangal Sutra/ Thaali: worn around the neck by married women serves the same purpose as the wedding ring, signifying the eternal bond between the married man and woman.

The Dharma Chakra: The wheel with 24 spokes reminds men of the dharma or righteousness required for happy coexistence.