HST 583 Fall 2006 Bibliography & Reading List

Please check back to this page for updates! This is an incomplete list!

Required textbook:
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
S. A. Huettel, A. W. Song, and G. McCarthy, April 2004, ISBN 0-87893-288-7.

Required reading for lectures, discussion and labs will be listed by date.

Supplementary readings are also suggested for those of you with less background in the areas of neuroscience and statistics.

The supplementary readings and course texts are on reserve in the Hayden library.

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Required Reading


Lecture 9/6

First chapter of course textbook after lecture 1.
Second chapter of course textbook before lab 1.

Lab 9/11

Human Subjects Safety Handout.
1: Northoff G, Heinzel A, de Greck M, Bermpohl F, Dobrowolny H, Panksepp J.
Self-referential processing in our brain--a meta-analysis of imaging studies on
the self. Neuroimage. 2006 May 15;31(1):440-57. Epub 2006 Feb 7.

Functional Neural Systems

Lecture 9/13 - 9/18

Please note: reading that are assigned from texts other than the course textbook are supplementary.

1. Course textbook, pp 359-367; John Nolte, The Human Brain, chapters 1 and 3; optional: remainder of Ch 13; Nolte chapter 22

2. Course book, pp 377-379; Nolte 547-561 optional: remainder of Ch 13; Hanaway, pp 222-225; Michael Gazzaniga, The Cognitive Neurosciences, chapter 53

3. Nolte, Chapter 17; Nolte, Ch 22 (pp 506-525) optional: Kosslyn SM et al., Neural foundations of imagery. Nat Rev Neurosci 2001;2(9):635-642; Hanaway, 202-203; remainder of Nolte Ch 22

4. Nolte, Ch 6

5. Course book, chapter 6

MRI Physics

Lecture 10/4 - 10/23

Ch. 3: Basic Principles of MR Signal Generation
Ch. 4: Basic Principles of MR Signal Formation
Ch. 5: MR Contrast Mechanisms and Pulse Sequences
Ch. 9: Signal and Noise in fMRI

Students who feel they need additional support in grasping all the concepts could also read as a supplement the same material by Rick Buxton (this book ison reserve for them).

Chapters from Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance
Imaging: Principles and Techniques. R. Buxton
- Ch. 4: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, 64-85.
- Ch. 5: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 86-103.
- Ch. 6: Imaging Functional Activity, 104-120.
- Ch. 7: Basic Physics of Magnetism and NMR, 124-154.
- Ch. 8: Relaxation and Contrast in MRI, 155-184.
- Ch. 10: Mapping the MR Signal, 218-248.
- Ch. 11: MRI Techniques, 249-273.
- Ch. 12: Noise and Artifacts in MR Images, 274-303.
- Ch. 16: The Nature of the Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent
Effect, 390-416.
- Ch. 17: Mapping Brain Activation with BOLD-fMRI, 417-444.

General Principles of Experimental Design

Lecture 10/30 - 11/6

Course textbook
Ch. 9: Signal & Noise in fMRI
Ch. 11: Experimental Design

fMRI Statistical Analysis

Lecture 11/13 - 11/29

Course textbook
Ch. 10: Preprocessing of fMRI Data
Ch. 12: Statistical Analysis

fMRI Structural and functional analysiss

Lecture 12/4 - 12/11

Course textbook
Ch. 8: Spatial and temporal properties of fMRI
Ch. 13: Applications of fMRI
Ch. 14: Advanced fMRI methods
Ch. 15: Converging Operations


Supplementary Reading

Suggested for students with no prior neuroscience background Suggested for students with no prior statistics background


Materials currently or to be soon found on reserve in the Hayden Science Library (14S-100):
(there are currently two copies of Nolte; one on reserve and the other in science reference.)

Reference Books

Introductory material on Fourier transforms: Miscellaneous Useful Materials: