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For the section of the course on MRI Physics many of your course faculty recommend the following site, and here is a testimonial from one of your classmates:
"The website that I was speaking to you about that has been very helpful to me in understanding MRI basics is:
It's even helped me understand some of the hst.583 lectures better because it really delves into the very basics without including too much information in any given topic. I especially found the section on Fourier Transform helpful. -Dairon"

From Jorge Jovicich (former HST.583 lecturer):

About spatial smoothing:
Tutorial on Smoothing:

Other MRI/FMRI educational links

Thresholding with Random Field Theory:
Full contents of listings in MRC-CBU:,2466,9-4-17950-0-17950-directories--0,00.html
With a very cool idea in:
In particular:

From former Lecturer and HST student Dave Tuch come these recommended learning sites: