Contact: huili AT alum DOT mit DOT edu

In general, Hui (Xylo*) Li is a happy person.

Hui is a Ph.D. student at MIT in rocket science, working with robots in CSAIL. She seldom complains and enjoys what she does so much that she is not in a hurry to graduate (sometimes she wonders whether it is a good thing).

Hui came to the U.S. for grad school from her hometown Beijing China, which remains as her favorite city.

Hui is an atheist, an optimist, a fish lover (as in food), a DJ, a robot in secrecy, and can't live without music or her friends.

  * Here is the story behind the middle name Xylo. When people in the publishing office of MIT tried to index Hui's Master's thesis, they found Hui Li was not unique, so she either had to make up a middle name or add a number after her name to be differentiable. With no doubt she chose the first option. She is also called DJ Xylo, when she spins.