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  • Optical sensors for lead detection: we demonstrated lead detection and quantification down to the parts-per-billion level in the environment using integrated photonic sensors.   Read more    MIT News
    Optical sensors for lead detection
  • programmable photonics

    Optical coupling with free-form micro-optics: we developed a novel free-form micro-optics design to enable low-loss, ultra-broadband fiber-to-waveguide coupling.

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  • programmable photonics

    Programmable photonics:
    we demonstrated a non-volatile, low-loss, ultra-compact, and electrically addressed waveguide phase shifter based on transparent phase change materials.

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  • fisheye metalens

    Electrically switched metasurface:
    we realized, for the first time, electrical switching of a cohort of active metasurface devices based on low loss phase change materials.

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My group's research focuses on novel materials and devices to exploit interactions of light with matter:
  1. On-chip sensing and spectroscopy;
  2. Optical phase change materials and devices;
  3. Metasurface optics;
  4. Free-form micro-optics; and
  5. Magneto-optical isolation.
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