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  • Using high-index dielectric materials, we realized a suite of mid-IR metasurface optical devices with high efficiencies up to 80%. Diffraction-limited focusing and imaging were also demonstrated.

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  • Our recent work pioneers a new route to integrate 2D materials with photonic devices leveraging the unique monolithic integration capacity of deposited chalcogenide glass, a multifunctional material which can simultaneously act as the light-guiding medium, a gate dielectric and a passivation layer for 2D materials.

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  • Integrated photonics put at full stretch: our paper describes the design and experimental realization of the first single-mode stretchable photonic devices capable of sustaining 41% nominal tensile strain and 3,000 stretching cycles without measurable degradation in optical performance.

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My group's research focuses on novel materials and devices to exploit interactions of light with matter:
  1. On-chip sensing and spectroscopy;
  2. Optical phase change materials and meta-optics;
  3. 2-D material photonic integration;
  4. Flexible photonics and polymer photonics;
  5. Optics for solar energy; and
  6. Magneto-optical isolation.
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