Helen Faith Webb

email: hwebb@alum.mit.edu

August 3, 1997


Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program, Sept. 1990 to February 1997. Ph.D. in Marine Geology and Geophysics awarded in June, 1997. Thesis A Qualitative and Quantitative Study of the Distribution of Pelagic Sediment in the Atlantic Ocean supervised by Prof. Thomas Jordan. Graduate level course work completed in marine and solid earth geophysics, seismology, marine geology, and sedimentary processes and depositional systems. Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1991-1995.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, B.S. in Mathematical Sciences, awarded in May 1988. Concentration in applied mathematics included course work in partial differential equations, mathematical modeling, advanced calculus, and modern algebra. Additional areas of study included physics (5 courses), computer science (3 courses), and electrical engineering (4 courses).


Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corporation, Principal Engineer, April 1997 to present.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research Assistant/Postdoctoral Fellow, September 1990 to March 1997. Under the guidence of Prof. Thomas Jordan, modeled the distribution of pelagic sediments in the abyssal hill regime using massively parallel computers such as the Thinking Machines CM-2 and CM-5 run by the Center for Computational Science at the Naval Research Laboratory. Developed methodologies for extracting sedimentation information from bathymetric data. Additionally, modeled flexure along fracture zones, under the guidance of Prof. Marcia McNutt, and participated in 4 scientific research cruises.

Naval Research Laboratory, June, 1985 to September, 1990. Assignments included the development of a computer program to determine efficient paths through topography. Participant, Co-operative Education Program, 6/85 to 5/88. Employed full-time 5/88 as a Mathematician, then Computer Scientist.

Technical Skills

Eight years experience computer programming using workstations (Sun, Apollo, Silicon Graphics) and supercomputers (Connection Machines CM-2 and CM-5). Extensive experience with computer languages C (including C-Paris), Fortran, Ada, and Matlab, with some knowledge of LISP, COBOL, and BASIC.


Jordahl, K., M.K. McNutt, H.F. Webb, S.E. Kruse, and M.G. Kuykendall, Why there are no earthquakes on the Marquesas Fracture Zone, J. Geophys. Res., 100, 24,431-24,447, 1995.

Filmer, P.E., M.K. McNutt, H.F. Webb, and D.J. Dixon, Volcanism and archipelagic aprons: A comparison of the Marquesas and Hawaiian Islands, Mar. Geophys. Res., 16, 385-406, 1994.

Webb, H.F. and T.H. Jordan, Quantifying the distribution and transport of pelagic sediments on young abyssal hills, Geophys. Res. Lett., 20, 2203-2206, 1993.

Webb, R.E., F.F. Smith, H.A. Affeldt, R.W. Thimijan, R. Dudley, and H.F. Webb, Trapping greenhouse whiteflies with coloured surfaces: Variables affecting efficacy, Crop Protect., 4, 382-393, 1985.

Robertsson, J.O.A., K. Hollinger, A. Levander, J.A. Goff, H.F. Webb, and B.E. Tucholke, A numerical analysis of ocean acoustic reverberation data from the proximity of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, submitted to J. Acoust. Soc. Am., January 1996.

Abstracts and Technical Reports

Co-author of 2 technical reports and 14 papers presented at national professional meetings (American Geophysical Union, Geological Society of American), including 7 presented by H. Webb.

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