Helen's page of POB Listswain Locations and Other Maps

Devoted to maps of interest to readers of author Patrick O'Brian.

Maps of voyages from the pages of the Aubrey/Maturin books, as interpretted by readers

  • The Fight between Surprise and two Turkish Ships in Ionian Mission, by Charles Keller
  • The Encounter at Cape Horn in The Wine Dark Sea, by Charles Keller
  • The battle with Linois in H. M. S. Surprise, by Charles Keller
  • The voyage of the Sophie in Master and Commander, by Warren Campbell

    If you've made up a map for other voyages in the Aubrey/Maturin books you'd like to share with others, especially for places or events not covered in Dean King's Harbors and High Seas, please let me know, and I'll work on a method for hanging it off of this page.

    Listswain Locations

    Below are the locations of present and past subscribers to the Patrick O'Brian Listserv and/or Searoom-l, mailing lists which feature discussions of the works of Patrick O'Brian, as of January 8, 1999.

    This map was generated by Helen Webb Murphy using GMT v3.0.

    I've also generated enlargements for the following regions:

    and for a few small areas in which many listswains reside. The areas are centered on, or at least contain, the following cities: If you'd like to be included in this compilation, send me your latitude and longitude. To find your location, fill out one of the following forms and click on the Mapblast symbol:
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