Current Lab Members

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Richard O. Hynes

Principal Investigator

Maria Cecilia Ybanez

Lab Manager

Jane Trevithick

Lab Manager

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John Lamar

Regulation of breast cancer metastasis by Rho proteins and integrins

Alexandra Naba

How does the extracellular matrix composition influence tumor progression and metastasis formation?

Patrick Murphy

Alternative splicing in the vascular response to pathological shear stress

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Steffen Rickelt

Development of diagnostic and prognostic extracellular matrix signatures for human cancers

Christopher Turner

Adhesion proteins in vascular development

Chenxi Tian

Understanding the Roles of Extracellular Matrix Proteins in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Progression

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David Benjamin

Graduate Student
Zebrafish models of the tumor microenvironment and metastasis

Jeff Schindler

Graduate Student
4.1 and ERM proteins in metastasis

Bigyan Raj Bista

Graduate Student
Roles of adhesion-GPCRs in cancer progression and metastasis

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Denise Crowley


Shahin Begum

Technical Assistant

Kwabena Badu-Nkansa

Technical Assistant

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Zhigang Jiang

Technical Assistant

Myriam Labelle

Visiting Scientist

Laurie Tang

Technical Assistant

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Adam Lacy-Hulbert

Visiting Scientist

Patrick Stern

Visiting Scientist

Tom Seegar

Visiting Scientist