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The Interactive Introduction to the Institute (i3) and Guide to Residences (GTR) project is a unique opportunity for students and administrators at MIT to welcome the new freshman class into the MIT housing system. The project is a testament to the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines MIT.

Each year in May, incoming freshmen receive a copy of the Guide to Residences and i3 DVD. For many students, the book and DVD are a valuable first impression of MIT's dormitories and their eccentric cultures.

The Guide to Residences is produced by the Undergrduate Housing Office in collaboration with student representatives from each dorm and their housemasters. The DVD content is produced by students with financial and administrative support from the Undergraduate Housing Office, Residential Life Programs, the housemasters, and the MIT Dormitory Council (DormCon).

2006 i3 "Administrative" Types
Tim Dudley '08Project Coordinator
Robin SmedickUndergraduate Housing Office
Andrew RyderResidential Life Programs

Undergraduate Housing Office
Residential Life Programs
MIT Dormitory Council (DormCon)

MITThe i3/Guide to Residences project is a joint venture of the Undergraduate Housing Office, Residential Life Programs, and the Dormitory Council of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.