4th IACHEC Meeting

Shonan Village Center, Japan April 27-29, 2009

Monday 27, morning session: Calibration status of the operational missions (Chair U.Briel)

09:00-09:10: M.Ishida, Presentation of the meeting
09:10-09:15: M.Guainazzi, Review of actions
09:15-09:30: H.Uchiyama, et al., Current calibration status of the Suzaku XIS
09:30-09:45: S.Yamada, et al., Calibration status of Suzaku Hard X-ray Detector
09:45-10:00: Y.Terada, et al., In-orbit timing calibration of Suzaku satellite, and the design of the timing system on Astro-H
10:00-10:15: E.Jourdain & J.P.Roques, The High Energy of the Crab Nebula from 20 keV to 8 MeV with INTEGRAL/SPI
10:15-10:30: K.Jahoda, et al., Improvements to the RXTE/PCA calibration
10:30-11:00: break
11:00-11:15: A.Beardmore, et al, Swift-XRT calibration status update
11:15-11:30: T.Sakamoto, The energy calibration status of Swift/BAT
11:30-11:45: L.David, Chandra Calibration Status
11:45-12:00: T.Gaetz, Updates to the Chandra HRMA Calibration
12:00-12:15: M.Guainazzi, et al., Status of XMM-Newton instrument calibration
12:15-12:30: M.Smith & H.Marshall, XMM-Newton/Chandra Blazar Flux Comparison

Monday 27, afternoon session: Update of the Working Group results from the last meeting (Chair K.Jahoda)

14:00-14:20: M.Ishida, et al., Cross calibration of Suzaku/XMM/Chandra with PKS2155-304
14:20-14:30: M.Tsujimoto, Plan for the calibration from 0.1 keV to 100 keV using the Crab
14:30-14:50: V.Burwitz, Update on white dwarf calibration observations
14:50-15:10: P.P.Plucinsky, et al., The SMC SNR 1E0102.2-7219 as a Calibration Standard for X-ray Astronomy in the 0.3-2.5 keV Bandpass
15:10-16:30: J.Nevalainen, Clusters of galaxies as high-energy calibrators
15:30-15:50: break
15:50-16:10: M.Guainazzi (on behalf of S.Molendi et al.): EPIC Chandra cross-calibration with the Perseus Cluster
16:10-16:30: A.Pollock, The emission-line spectrum of Capella
16:30-16:50: A.Pollock (on behalf of R.Smith), Status of The APEC/ATOMDB Plasma Models: Line Ratios, Error Propagation, and Future Plans
16:50-18:00: Working Groups meet

Tuesday 28, morning session: Working Groups

09:00-10:30: Working Groups meet
10:30-11:00: break
11:00-12:30: Working Groups meet

Tuesday 28, afternoon session (Chair M.Ishida)

14:00-14:15, Y.Maeda, et al., Imagining a calibration plan for the NeXT HXT image
14:15-14:30: H.Matsumoto, et al., Introduction of the SXI on board the Astro-H satellite
14:30-14:45: P.Plucinsky (on behalf of R.Smith), The International X-ray Observatory
14:45-15:00: T.Mihara, et al., MAXI: the all-sky mission from ISS
15:00-15:15: Y.Ishisaki et al., The calibration plan for Astro-H/SXS
15:15-15:30: M.Guainazzi (on behalf of M.Weisskopf), So you think the Crab is described by power-law spectrum!
15:30-15:45: K.Jahoda: A SMEX Advanced X-ray Polarimeter
15:45-16:00: break
16:00-18:00: Working Groups meet

Wednesday 29, morning session

09:00-10:30: Working Groups report: status and goals
10:30-12:00: The path to IACHEC 2010
12:00: Meeting closure

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The 7th IACHEC meeting will take place from the 26th to the 29th of March 2012 at the Embassy Suites Napa Valley (Napa, California).

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