5th IACHEC Meeting

Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole (Massachusetts, U.S.A.), 2010 April 12-15

Monday, 12 April
08:45-08:50: Welcome from the MBL Director
08:50-08:55: H.Marshall, P.Plucinsky, Introduction to the meeting
08:55-09:00: M.Guainazzi, Review of actions and agreements from the 4th IACHEC meeting

Morning session: calibration status of operational missions (Chair: H.Marshall)
09:00-09:35: Chandra
- L.David, Status of Chandra Calibration
- T.J.Gaetz, HRMA Effective Area
- R.Edgar, A Re-analysis of the Chandra ground calibration on-axis mirror Effective Area measurements
09:35-09:55: L.Natalucci, Updates to the INTEGRAL/IBIS response calibration
09:55-10:15: N.Shaposhnikov, Advances in the PCA energy calibration - nearing the statistics limit
10:15-10:35: M.Sugizaki, Status of MAXI instrument calibration

10:35-11:00: crab (small "c") break

11:00-11:20: A.Beardmore, Swift-XRT calibration status update
11:20-11:40: E.Miller et al., Calibration Status of the Suzaku XIS
11:40-12:15: XMM-Newton
- M.Guainazzi, Update on the XMM-Newton instrument calibration and cross-calibration status
- S.Sembay, Using "standard candle" models to modify the response of the EPIC-MOS detectors

12:30-13:30: lunch

Afternoon session: reports on the Working Group results from the last meeting (Chair: S.Sembay)
14:00-14:20: J.Nevalainen, Clusters of galaxies as X-ray calibrators
14:20-14:40: A.Pollock, A Consensus of lines in the X-ray spectrum of Capella
14:40-15:00: R.Smith, Status of ATOMDB
15:00-15:20: M.Tsujimoto: Update of the non-thermal SNR working group
15:20-15:40: M.Ishida et al.: PKS2155-304
15:40-16:00: M.Smith & H.Marshall, XMM-Newton/Chandra blazar flux comparison

16:00-16:30: crab (small "c") break

16:30-16:50: P.Plucinsky et al.: Update on the Thermal SNR WG
16:50-17:10: V.Burwitz, Update on the White Dwarf and INS Working Groups
17:10-17:30: S.Molendi, Clusters as calibration tools
17:30-17:45: C.Grant, A new IACHEC Working Group: CTI
17:45-18:00: A.Pollock, A new IACHEC Working Group: contamination

18:30-19:30: dinner

Tuesday, 13 April
Morning session: Working Groups
09:00-12:30: Working Groups meet (schedule)

12:30-13:30: lunch

Afternoon session I:Status of future X-ray missions (Chair: M.Ishida)
14:00-14:20: K.Jahoda et al., Requirements for calibrating an X-ray Polarimeter
14:20-14:40: K.Madsen, NuStar
14:40-15:00: V.Burwitz et al., Status of the eROSITA Mission
15:00-15:20: R.Smith, Status of IXO
15:20-15:35: C.Tenzer et al., Current Status of the IXO HTRS instrument
15:35-15:50: N.S.Schultz et al., Wavelength Calibration for the XGS-CAT

16:00-16:30: crab (small "c") break

Afternoon session I:Round table: the path to defining a calibration legacy program for future missions (Chair: M.Weisskopf)
16:30-16:45: S.Sembay, First prelude
16:45-17:00: D.Jerius, Second prelude
17:00-18:00: Round table discussion

18:30-19:30: dinner

Wednesday, 14 April
Morning session: Working Groups
08:45-12:15: Working Groups meet (schedule)

12:15-13:15: lunch

Afternoon session I: Calibrators meet theorists: astrophysical foundations of calibration (Chair: P.Plucinsky)
13:30-13:50: P.Zhao, Surface roughness scattering in grazing-incidence X-ray telescopes
13:50-14:15: D.Patnaude, Thermal X-ray Emission from Cosmic Ray Modified Shocks
14:15-14:45: T.Kallmann, Calibration and the spectra of photoionized sources
14:45-15:15: V.Suleimanov, Neutron star atmospheres
15:15-15:45: M.Boettcher, Theoretical models of the SEDs of X-ray calibration sources

15:45-16:15: crab (small "c") break

16:15-16:45: V.Kashyap et al., (Limitations of) Capella as standard candle

Afternoon session II: Statistical methodologies
16:45-17:00: M.Weisskopf: On the importance of the uncertainty in the response function and the quality of the fit to the data
17:00-17:15: V.Kashyap et al., We can now tell people about uncertainties in calibration products
17:15-17:30: J.Drake, Monte Carlo Grand Prix: Parameter Estimation Including Calibration Uncertainties
17:30-17:45: H.Marshall, Using Splines to Characterise Unmodeled Systematic Errors
17:45-18:00: A.Pollock, Use and abuse of statistics

18:15-19:45: lobster boil

Thursday, 15 April
Morning session: Working Groups (Chair: M.Guainazzi)
09:00-11:00: Report from the Working Groups

11:00-11:30: crab (small "c") break

11:30-12:00: M.Guainazzi, Meeting summary and closure

12:30-13:30: lunch

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The 7th IACHEC meeting will take place from the 26th to the 29th of March 2012 at the Embassy Suites Napa Valley (Napa, California).

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