6th IACHEC meeting

Villa Grazioli (Grottaferrata, Italy), 11-14 April 2011

Monday, 11 April 2011

Morning session: calibration status of operational missions
Chair: H.Marshall

09:00-09:05: L.Natalucci, Welcome
09:05-09:10: M.Guainazzi, Actions from the previous meeting
09:10-09:30: A.Chen, Calibration of the AGILE Gamma Ray Imaging Detector
09:30-09:50: E.Jourdain, Status of the INTEGRAL/SPI calibration
09:50-10:10: P.Laurent, Status of INTEGRAL/IBIS calibration activities
10:10-10:30: E.Miller, Calibration Status of the Suzaku XIS
10:30-10:50: A.Beardmore, XRT calibration activities

10:50-11:20: break

11:20-11:40: N.J.Westergaard, Using the Crab Nebula for JEM-X calibration
11:40-12:00: L.David, The internal-cross calibration status of Chandra
12:00-12:20: M.Guainazzi, Status of XMM-Newton X-ray payload calibration
12:20-12:40: M.Smith, XMM-Newton/Chandra Blazar Flux Comparison
12:40-13:00: K.Kettula, Cross calibration of XMM-Newton EPIC and Suzaku XIS instruments with clusters of galaxies

13:00-14:00: lunch break

Afternoon session: review of the Working Groups status
Chair: M.Ishida

14:00-14:15: J.Nevalainen, Cluster WG report
14:15-14:30: H.Marshall, Progress on several cross-calibration projects
14:30-14:45: P.Plucinsky, Using E0102 and N132D as calibration standards
14:45-15:20: D.Patnaude, Variations in Galactic Supernova Remnants used as X-ray Calibration Sources
15:20-15:35: L.Natalucci, Non-thermal SNR WG report

15:35-16:05: break

16:05-16:40: M.Tavani, Crazy Crab
16:40-17:05: G.Case: When a Standard Candle Flickers: The Dimming of the Crab Nebula
17:05-17:20: A.Pollock, Review of high-resolution WG activities
17:20-17:35: V.Burwitz, Update on the White Dwarfs Working Group
17:35-18:10: T.Rauch, White Dwarfs atmosphere models

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Morning session: Working Groups

08:45-09:00: E.Miller: The Wiki on the IACHEC web pages
09:00-13:00: Working Groups meet (schedule)

13:00-14:00: lunch break

Afternoon session: Future missions
Chair: L.Natalucci

14:00-14:20: N.J.Westergaard, Calibration status of NUStar
14:20-14:40: V.Burwitz, Status of the eROSITA Mission
14:40-15:00: K.Dennerl, Impact of the low energy threshold on the spatial resolution and spectral properties of X-ray CCDs
15:00-15:20: Y.Terada, Challenges on ASTRO-H Data Analysis & Software from Suzaku lessons
15:20-15:50: K.Ishibashi, R.Petre, J.den Herder: Calibration plans for Astro-H

15:50-16:20 break

16:20-16:50: M.Weisskopf: Calibration of X-Ray Observatories
16:50-18:30: Round table (Chairs: M.Guainazzi, S.Sembay)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Morning session: Working groups

09:00-13:00: Working groups meet (schedule)

13:00-14:00: lunch break

Afternoon session: Systematic errors and statistical biases in calibration
Chair: M.Weisskopf

14:00-14:35: V.Kashyap, Calibration, Systematic Errors, and Astrostatistics
14:35-15:00: A.Pollock, Calibration and model consequences of competing statistical methods
15:00-15:25: H.Marshall, Theory and Practice of Handling Systematic Errors
15:25-15:50: G.Belanger, Basic notions in time series analysis: from arrival times to resampling

15:50-16:20: break

16:20-16:45: A.Foster, Updated Atomic Data for X-ray Astronomy
16:45-18:30: Round table (Chairs: A.Pollock, H.Marshall, J.Nevelainen)

Thursday, 14 April 2011
Chair: S.Sembay

09:00-11:00: reports by the Working Groups

11:00-11:30: break

11:30-12:45: Round table discussion: where do we go from now?
12:45-13:00: M.Guainazzi, Meeting summary

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The 7th IACHEC meeting will take place from the 26th to the 29th of March 2012 at the Embassy Suites Napa Valley (Napa, California).

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